I almost teared when I arrived here. To finally see the 12 apostles in person and not in photos. MasyaAllah.

Muffy from Animal Crossing! I made this up as I went along, so there is no written pattern. I may get around to typing one up someday. 

OMG MUFFY so good so much like inexpressible so beautiful muffy yes
mini crab much cute
made it
almost there
going to the beach

Each morning my heart is restless –
                       it longs for night’s solitude

—Nadia Anjuman, from “Girlish Heart" (translated by Diana Arterian and Marina Omar)

(Source: awritersruminations)

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Chunky Hooded Winter Hat With Ties / THE MATANUSKA / Fisherman by ozetta (40.00 USD)